Thursday, February 24, 2011

It always feel a little awkward

When I come back from an AWESOME convention and I have to come back to reality of school and work.
I went to Wicked Faire this weekend, which is my favorite convention ever. The culture, people and the fun is what I long for each winter. There was awesome live music, dancing, corsets and all kinds of things to buy. Also, what I loved is that the people are amazing. They treat the celebs as normal people. They don't make those stupid con jokes. I bought a new corset which is sooo amazing, I just need to buy a longer string. I dressed up as Red Riding Hood, but I put a little spin on it. I had so much fun at Wicked Faire, and I'm glad I got the courage to get up and dance.
Whenever I get back, it's always so weird. I have to adjust to normal people. I really wish people who went to conventions could like, live in a separate little area away from the rest of people.

Anyways, aside from that. School is ... well, school. Nothing too hard. Gave my first speech and I actually did it on making costumes, which was a big step for me.

Another thing I want to try to do is so clean my room. Like really clean in. And the house. But it's hard with a job and four classes. Ugh, I know excuses but UGH. I don't know.

I'm hoping I can actually pull through and do it.

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