Friday, May 6, 2011

I Shouldn't Have To

No one should, but I have to. So does my family. And I know others deal with it too.
My mom moved money around to a new bank and now is accusing a man at the bank of stealing her money. That is some serious accusation. My mom started taking the right amount of medication finally. Two weeks ago, and she was getting better but now is getting worse. She wants the police involved and is saying things that aren't making sense. Last night my brother called me while I was at work, I thought she had gotten hurt and went to the hospital. She was having an "episode" and my brother was telling me he had to escape. She still thinks she's not sick. I shouldn't have to be afraid of my own mother. But I am.

But I'm a trooper. I stick it out. I do what I have to do. I don't back down. And even if I have things I need to do and deal with; it might add on but it makes the outcome better and more rewarding.

I haven't had a mother in years.

I just want to feel stable.

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