Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I need to stop waiting a year to update

I've been oh so busy with school this year, it's unbelievable. Although, since joining craft club I've been craftier than usual by making and doing more than just knitting. I just finished school recently so I've been knitting. I just finished a pair of armwarmers. I used some yarn from knitpicks and put it together with this pattern of Foliage Lace Mitts. I'll post a picture later. I'm hoping to make more things soon because I intend to officially open up my etsy shop soon. I have to see what I want to put up and when I'll have time to monitor all those things. Winter is letting me stay inside and work on these things. We just witnessed the blizzard of 2010 which led to a state of emergency where no one should go outside unless it was an emergency. People are going out today, but are told to be careful. I have work today, but my dad offered to drive me since he has all wheel drive and my car is very old LOL. It took my brother 4 hours to get 5 miles from the office [usually it takes him one hour] and then it took him the usual hour to get back home. Talk about a waste of gas!
Anyways, I'm really hoping to get into the swing of things knitting-wise. I'm even teaching one of my coworkers how to knit.

Christmas just passed! I got a lot of things I wanted and then some ;D My 21st birthday is coming up on Sunday so I'm super pumped for that too! Well, I'm going to do some things before I go to work tonight!

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