Friday, November 2, 2007

I need to get better at updating this blog instead of being distracted by everything else.

March? That's ridiculous. I've done so much since March. Especially since me and my friend Bea are going to be in the local Craft show in December. That means a lot of pictures and such.
Things I've made?
~ Armwarmers
~ Scarves
~ Hats
~ Purses
~ Slippers
~ Pumpkins
~ Dinosaurs
~ Gir Toy
~ Octopus
~ Elephant
~ Shawl
~ Legwarmers
~ Music Holder

Wow, that's actually a lot when you list it like that.

Time for the heavy images. Maybe a story behind the project.

I made a itty bitty pumpkin patch and gave them out to my friends for Halloween! They really loved them!

I really love this purse. I made it on a whim. I just cast on a bunch of stitches, and knitted and purled. the great thing was right in the middle of the purse i knitted when i was supposed to purl. so i stopped after i realized it and in the end it made a cool line that went half way down the purse. I gave it to my friend as a gift.

Just a cozy for my Zune. I also made this on a whim. I did a 4x1 rib and cable with a big button.

Legwarmers from Stitch n' Bitch. Nothing too fancy.

Some basic slippers I made for one of my close friend's mommy. Very soft. Lion Suede.

Gir being lazy on our tv.

A dino I made for my friend's birthday!

I'm going to post some things that my friend and her mom made. They're really amazing!

Some cell phone charms made w/beads origami and shells.

A hat my friend's mom made, along with another one.

I actually really like this one, it's really comfy!

Ahh, that's enough for now, I should get rest and get better[sick]

peace out girl scout

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