Monday, January 15, 2007

Ravenclaw Scarf

This scarf took me about 2 1/2 months to make. I took it from atypically.knit.

The Pattern
800 yards/400 grams worsted-weight burgundy (Gryffindor), dark green (Slytherin), navy (film or book Ravenclaw), or yellow (Hufflepuff) yarn (MC, main color)
200 yards/100 grams worsted-weight gold (Gryffindor), silver (Slytherin or film Ravenclaw), bronze (book Ravenclaw), or black (Hufflepuff) yarn (CC, contrast color)
1 yard scrap worsted-weight yarn (for provisional cast-on only)
12-16" circular needle - US7 for Nature Spun, US8 for Encore, or US9 for Utopia
if you plan to knit the ends closed: extra needle (circular, straight, or double-pointed), one size larger than your working circular
circular marker (to mark the beginning/end of each round)
small crochet hook (about size G, to weave ends in and hook fringe)

5 st/1" and 6 rows/1" (or thereabouts)

Cast on 90 stitches in MC. Place marker. Knit into your first cast-on stitch to join the scarf, being sure not to twist the cast-on row around your needle. Knit around to the marker; this is one round.
Work a total of 27 rounds in MC.
*Switch to CC and work 3 rounds.
Switch to MC and work 5 rounds.
Switch to CC and work 3 rounds.
Switch to MC and work 27 rounds.
Repeat from * 13 times more, ending with 27 rounds of MC. Bind off.

Turn your scarf inside out and, with your crochet hook, weave all ends back into the fabric.
Wash the scarf according to your yarn's instructions; dry it flat on the floor/table on top of towels. Be sure to align all the color changes along one crease (they're less noticable that way). Block the scarf by stretching it widthwise until the entire thing is the same width.
For fringe, cut approximately 120 8" pieces of MC yarn. Fold 3 pieces of yarn in half and, using the crochet hook, pull the looped ends of the yarn through both layers of knitting. Slip the yarn ends through the loop and pull tight. Place one such tassel every two stitches across the both ends of the scarf. Then, lay the scarf flat and trim the fringe so it's even all the way across.

If you'd like to put initials on your scarf, you can duplicate stitch them at either end prior to binding off.

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